Capital works at Chapel Gate

We submitted planning applications for the resurfacing of hockey pitch 2, hockey and rugby floodlight replacements, and car park resurfacing at Chapel Gate a number of weeks ago.

We have recently been advised by BCP Council that they have paused all new planning applications and approvals because of the inability to carry out meaningful public consultation at present.   

We are continuing with the tender process in the hope of having a preferred supplier in place when we are able to progress, however many suppliers are finding it difficult to obtain quotations due to sub-contractors shutting or pausing operations due to the Covid19 pandemic.  

These delays will also impact the construction stages of the works.

Taking into account all the above, we have decided that therefore it will not be possible to complete the works as planned this summer without significant disruption to activities scheduled for the 2020/21 season.

We are therefore now working toward Summer 2021 as a completion date for the works. While frustrating for all involved, we are committed to these enhancements to the Chapel Gate site and will do all we can to implement these works next year.