Corporate Touch Rugby League – sign up now!

Keep fit, have fun and enjoy a new sport with colleagues
Chapel Gate with clubhouse in background

Are you a group of colleagues who want to keep fit, have fun and try out a new sport together?  

We’re launching a Corporate Touch Rugby League at our Chapel Gate Sports Campus, with mixed teams competing over six weeks. 

As well as the chance to unleash your competitive side, there will be music, entertainment, a BBQ and an on-site bar to wind down after the match and celebrate your wins together.  

How it works  

The tournament will kick off on Friday 3 September and run for six weeks.  

Teams are mixed and you’ll need a squad of ten players.  

Matches will be seven-a-side, with minimum two female players from each team on the pitch at all times.  

Matches will kick off at 7.30pm, with two halves each lasting for ten minutes.  

Afterwards, there will be the chance to relax and enjoy music and entertainment with a BBQ and a drink or two in the bar.   

How to play   

Touch rugby is a fun and friendly low-contact sport. No grappling or tackling is allowed – instead, you’ll use a two-handed touch on your opponent’s body or clothing to get the ball off them.  

You’ll then have to pass the ball backwards to your teammates and try to get it over the touchline to score a try. Each try will be worth one point.  

How to get involved  

If you’re interested in signing up as a team, please complete the online booking form. The league costs £250 per squad of ten players. 

You could encourage your employer to fill out the form and cover the cost as a great opportunity to support team building and staff wellbeing.  

Matches take place at Chapel Gate, located next to Bournemouth Airport. There is free parking available on site.  

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Neil Bibby at